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Silicone hose Technical Data

Silicone hose is also called turbo hose and silicon hose. The most common uses for silicone hoses are in hot or cold air systems and heating or cooling systems.

Why choose silicone?
Silicone is a resilient material and can withstand extreme environments; operating temperatures are between –60°C and 170°C. Silicone hose is suitable for the transport of air, water, anti-freeze solution, corrosion inhibitor and many other fluids. Silicone will not deteriorate from oil or fuel splashing, however it must be fluorosilicone lined to make the hose suitable for carrying oil or fuel.
What are the different types of silicone?
Our main products are constructed of 3 or 4 plies of fabric reinforced silicone according to operational temperatures and application requirements.

  1. Polyester fabric reinforced hoses (Standard Hose) are used when the hose is to carry water or air where the temperatures are between -60°C and 170°C
  2. Nomex fabric reinforced hoses (High Temp Hose) are used for turbo charges with a boost temperature range of -60°C to 230°C
  3. Silicone fuel & oil hose are used to line the hoses to satisfy the increasing demands of enclosed breather systems.

How do you measure silicone hoses?
Below are the three main types of silicone hose elbows that we manufacture with the dimensions labeled on them:

90° Silicone Hose Data
90° Silicone Hose Data
45° Silicone Hose Data
45° Silicone Hose Data
135° Silicone Hose Data
135° Silicone Hose Data

 The leg lengths on our silicone hose elbows are measured from the cut face to the center line radius. Elbow leg lengths can be supplied to your requirements (made to order) our standard leg lengths range from 102mm to 152mm depending on the internal diameter of the hose. We recommend that you allow at least 20mm - 25mm straight section of hose for clamping.

Why choose our silicone hoses?
Resistance to temperature extremes -65°F -350°F, available up to 500°F.
Weather resistance to; harsh sunlight & dry conditions, ozone, and rain water.
High resistance to water absorption.
High resistance to compression set or deformation, especially at high & low temps.
It does not contain sulfur or other acid-producing chemicals.
Will not cause staining, corrosion or support growth of mold and bacteria.
Offered with attractive color options and glossy or matte finishes.
Excellent ply adhesion from the inner core to the outer layers.
Excellent physical properties: high burst strength, vacuum and kink resistance.
Cost effective compared to metal tubes, a single hose can eliminate multiple parts.

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