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Silicone hose used in chemical and medical industries

Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, the registered capital of 10,000,000 RMB. Our company is an enterprise specializing in production of silicone straight hose, elbows hose, reducer hose, hump hose, turbo hose, FDA braiding tube, vacuum tubes and other kinds of automobile special silicone hose products.  Our products mainly used in chemical, medical, food industries,  heavy engineering and  thermal power stations. As a professional company producing high-quality silicone automobile hoses integrating design, development, production and marking as a whole. 

Our company is based on the present most advanced automobile silicone hose production technology, using the process type design, successive production, application of advanced semi-automatic and full automatic production equipment and special auxiliary materials, to improve the product quality and production efficiency. Our company has introduced some rich experience managers, buildsSilicone braided hose in semi opaque white and orange color ISO/TS16949 quality system and international automobile standards in the auto industry, and the special quality management system according to the site management mode, 7S import in foreign popular "three-don'ts" movement - Don't accept defects, Don't produce defects, Don't pass defects at the beginning. We selected equipment is most advanced automatic and semi-automatic special silicone hose production equipment, fully reduce labor intensity and operators to maximize efficiency.

Our company established a test center, supporting a tension tester with computer, voltameter, aging test oven, gravity tester, hardness gauge, compression set tester, CCD inner wall thickness detector etc. various professional testing equipments. Sail will become the manufacturer, distributor and facilitator of the silicone hose with the most complete specification, the largest production and the best quality.

We provid perfect hose technique and service for all customers in the world. Our products win the favor of the customers all over the world, which  have been exported to America, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Japan, etc. Sail welcomes the man of insight coming for collaboration, thus setting up resplendence by joint efforts.

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